Eternal Caves Saga Released as freeware - Zahn Software (2 replies, 27 views) (2006-Aug-9)
Eternal Caves is an adventure game that involves looking for keys, doors, removing roadblocks, destroying enemies and finding the exit door. It's a nice maze-like game with lots of levels. The first and second edition are available for download.

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Cool man!

Just a few suggestions. Could you include more information on the game on the site? It'd be nice to have a bit of an attention-grabber so people, at first glance, get interested. Also, could you add more to the screenshots, like being able to click them for a larger shot? Kinda goes with the above. ;)
It was kinda spoiled by all the religious scrolls that littered the levels. I think it spoils it a bit. Also some flicker when you move around. (Eternal Caves I)

Looks like a decent game otherwise.

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