Purple Ogre Adventure Game Maker - Cptn. Grey (2 replies, 1488 views) (2002-Oct-15)
Soon to released by Electric Gremlin Ideas! This one's been in the works for a while now, and I feel it's finaly time to spill the beans on it. Purple Ogre is an adventure game creation system, which will allow users to create thier own graphical adventure games, with a console driven command system, similar to old classics like Deja-Vu, and The Uninvited. However graphics and sound are pretty much only limited by what you are capable of throwing at it :) The alpha version release is currently lined up for mid November or so. Downloads availble then.

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Are the adventure games 3D or is it just a prerendered 2D image? Either way, it looks pretty cool.
I used a 3rd party program to create prerendered images. In my case I used a high quality 3d level editor to create the enviroments and then took screen captures to create 2d images. This will be the best way for most people to create nice looking grphics for the system, not to mention the most accesable way.

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