One Year of TGP - theraje (0 replies, 1600 views) (2002-Oct-25)
Today, The Gathering Project, the VB RPG development powerhouse, celebrates its one-year anniversary. The TGP site has been updated with music demos created by DemonSpectre, an interview of the president of TGP by the creator of Yoderic's Battle Arena, and the first TGP Awards ceremony. In a look back at TGP's first year, the current president of TGP gives a rundown of the project's accomplishments. Rajun' Dragon gives a revealing look at the underlying tale of how the project has survived politics and cutthroat rivalries, as well as his battle with his own inner demons. To find all this and more, check out our site at [url=""]our site[/url]. The Gathering Project enters its second year a little wiser, more sober, and with greater resolve to achieve.

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