Apocalypse beta version - Dude2 (1 reply, 1089 views) (2003-Feb-3)
Hey everybody! Me and some other people are working on a VB game called Apocalypse. It's still in beta, but check it out. Thanks.

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Re: Apocalypse beta version - GBeebe (0 replies) (2003-Feb-21)
I see 2 cursors on my screen. My origional used in windows, and the one from the game. You web page might look better if the HTML that you are using as a menu on the left doesn't have an .HTM or .HTML extension (use .Txt) or something. That way there won't be 2 Tripod adds on it. Post your email address, cause it's not worth signing up for Tripod junk just to tell you this.

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