Tides of Lyenoa - Excaliber (0 replies, 753 views) (2003-Feb-22)
Tides of Lyenoa has just released Alpha 6 Final. Tides of Lyenoa is a Massively Multiplay Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Please help us create a unique and large community. We are arctively creating update patches, new sprites (thats my job), and working out the magic/attacking systems. The magic system will be rather unique. We are creating a system where magic is rare and hard to learn. It is dangerous to the user, but very powerful. Spells can be created through the usage of our unique "scripting" idea. Magical keywords are added or subtracted to manipulate how the spell is cast. We are also working on runes, forging weapons, crafting, and many other interesting ideas. Please come and help us out!

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