3D Racers (v1.0) [Updated] - Fabio (7 replies, 1022 views) (2003-Mar-6)
This is a cool real 3D racing game written in VB6 and using DirectX7 D3D Retain Mode. It's a VB clone of LUDORACE, created by GraphitX for Ludorama. The game is in progress; send to me your comments, suggestions or ideas to improve the game.

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Re: 3D Racers (v1.0) [Updated] - Lupin (0 replies) (2003-Mar-6)
wow... Crazy... cool... wow!!! that's really cool! sweet gfx!
Re: 3D Racers (v1.0) [Updated] - Joshua (0 replies) (2003-Mar-6)
Do you have a demo that can be downloaded or a website?
Re: 3D Racers (v1.0) [Updated] -  Fabio (0 replies) (2003-Mar-7)
The web site where download the demo is under constrution.
Re: 3D Racers (v1.0) [Updated] - Atom (0 replies) (2003-Mar-10)
Wow, i must say you have really outdone yourself, i cant wait untill i can get a copy of this!
Re: 3D Racers (v1.0) [Updated] - Hi from Peru (0 replies) (2003-Mar-11)
your game is very very cool. Please friend. I need view this source code in vb. please friend. AND YOUR E-MAIL IS? congratulations and good luck. HASTA LA VISTA AMIGO TU JUEGO ES MUY BUENO.
Re: 3D Racers (v1.0) [Updated] - Frost (0 replies) (2003-Mar-12)
How can we give you suggestions on the game if we can not play it.....
Re: 3D Racers (v1.0) [Updated] -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2003-Mar-19)
Please click on the "Website" link to download this game.

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