Re: DaBooda 2dEngine Turbo is complete... - masterbooda (0 replies, 623 views) (2004-May-18)
Wow... I did not expect for anybody to go above a certain amount of sprites... my computer is really, So I limited them in the example program, but the engine itself has the capability to run unlimited sprites.... I Also am sorry for the font, I ran this in a real low resolution 320.240 and the windowed mode stretches it, so I could get more people the ability to run it, But this engine, supports all resolutions. Also for the run time error sr. quapo, I can not figure out why you can't run it with those specs... unless it is the directx9(somewhat) thingy...I will look into the runtime errors, but I need specs to figure it out.... Also... When you hit 'a' and 'r' I have it doing some pretty heavy math.. The engine does every bit of this for you... but I need to speed that up a little more... also I have everysprite checking collision repetedly... which in a real game situation would be a waste of time... I was just trying to put a big enough load to bog it down on purpose... Again... thanks for the support... I will update the program to run more sprites... and work on the issues with font... DaBooda out.... p.s. You guys got that many sprites!! I need a new

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