Re: DaBooda 2dEngine Turbo is complete... - masterbooda (0 replies, 532 views) (2004-May-25)
I will put that on the list of things to do, thanks for the heads up, I didn't even think about that... I found out its only something that xp and directx 9 does, seeing how i'm poor and using win98 I didn't catch it, that is the purpose of these demo programs. Also when I incorporate that, I will give you inspirational credit for it, that way your name will be part of the engine.... but feel free to dig in and code it yourself, that way you can get programming credit, but either way your name is part of the engine.... I will also incorporate Sr. guapo's name into the engine, because he has been a big help with some debugging... If either of you do not wish me to do this, or you want to use a different name, just email me and I will respect your wishes... Dabooda out... P.s. thanks again for the help...

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