Re: DaBooda 2dEngine Turbo is complete... - masterbooda (0 replies, 533 views) (2004-May-25)
I programmed the demo on top of the class, so the executable is all that is needed. I have decided to leave it completely open source, and just let programmers program with the class in the project... I did this for two reasons... 1.) When I update the engine, programmers will not have to download and register a new .dll they can when starting a new game, just download the most reason update, also any program that uses a previous .dll, will not work anymore, unless you keep the original and I have not found a way around this, if anybody has more skill than I do, please let me know how to juggle these .dlls... because this engine, will be constantly updated. 2.) Also when a programmer creates a game with the classes, they just have to create an executable and export it like that, nobody else will need the .dlls to play the game... this would ensure full capability for anyone to play the game... but this doesn't mean the programmer could create the .dll and export it with their game... I want to leave all this up to the programmer... this way they can decide what works best for them. Also when you design a game from these classes, you are more likely to add something to it... say for example you find a better way to set a sprites position or something to that effect, you can change it in the engine and have an immediate solution, instead of requesting it for a later version... This, in my opinion promotes the collaboration of the engine... they can then report the change to me, and I will place it into the main engine, that way everybody can benifit from the change and the coder will get credit for it.. Of course, I could be going about this all wrong, if someone else has a better suggestion, feel free to let me know.. And to Sr. Guapo, you have done a lot, you have actually worked with me on this error, when a lot of people would have dismissed this engine, your actually helping me debug your problem... Adding your name to the credits, is the least I can do... DaBooda out... P.S. I am going to start a forum post for this engine, if the moderators don't mind... hopefully that will make things a little more simple, because I could post news there, insted of clogging up the news posts.... Also will have the Help File done shortly, this will be a big help, because programming this engine, is a little cryptic... and this file along with the tutorials, I hope will answer alot of questions...

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