Re: DaBooda 2dEngine Turbo is complete... - masterbooda (0 replies, 565 views) (2004-May-26)
I placed fail safes, into the demo that will let you escape by either 1.> hitting escape... or 2.> right or left clicking the screen... These can be done at any time...for I just reran the demo, and this is the only thing that would emulate the problem you wrote.. I clicked the screen when the load was up and after the load was about to disappear it closed the program. The only error reported to me that was even close to yours, gave a message... what you are describing to me is the genreral shut down of the demo... Generally I wouldn't have placed these exit methods into a game or demo, but this was the first one, to be accessed by other people for this engine... so I was trying to cover alot of bases... As for the hardrive whirring for 1-2 minutes, that means that the information is loading, because if it wasn't it would give you an error message... and the load time I don't see being quite that long... for on my 400mhz 128mb crappy machine, it is about 30 seconds... of course some hardrives are a little slower than others, but mine is ancient... The blurry loading is a byproduct of the fact that I made this demo in 320x240 and its in windowed mode, and have discovered that some hardware will be more blurry than others in windowed mode... fullscreen mode is fine... and my demos from here on out will be in that mode... for I have tried everything to extinguish the blurring for its how directx8 is when in windowed mode... this is the only flaw between it and directx7, because directx7 is clear in windowed mode, for me at least.... DaBooda out... P.S. Could you do me one more favor, 2dcoder and rerun the engine and not do anything until it loads... if it still does not run, I will do more research... because I really need to know why it will not run on your machine... also let me know if you are running anything external.. I would appreciate it...

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