Re: DaBooda 2dEngine Turbo is complete... - Sr. Guapo (0 replies, 538 views) (2004-May-26)
I let it run for about ten minutes there. It just sat and displayed "loading...". It played the music through once as well, then stopped. Anyway, what exactly is going on in the "loading" code? Are there any "On Error" catchers. I have used these and they occasionally do things like that. Just throwing that out there, it could be many things... Also, if the "loading..." were to fail, what happens? Does it exit with a message or just sit there. If you draw the "loading..." screen, then never update it because it never entered the game loop, it might appear to be sitting there indefinately. My Hardware is not very special, also. 498 MHz Pentium III 256 MB SDRAM 64 MB Radeon 9200 SE Win XP Pro DX 9.0b Yamaha DS1x Native audio (I think this is the sound card)

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