Re: DaBooda 2dEngine Turbo is complete... - masterbooda (0 replies, 557 views) (2004-May-26)
Alright, I hate to ask you one more favor, Sr. guapo, but I have tried one more thing and hopefully this will be the last thing... Could you please download this file: [url][/url] I hate to keep asking you this, but I am going to solve this problem.... Also this version, I took out the fps loop, this is the only check that would put it into infinity like its been doing, it won't exit the engine render loop, until it hits the desired frame rate... then it presents the screen, I used queryperformancecounter, which is windows api and am wondering if certain cpu chips don't read write, because that is what it does..... because it is not making it to the game loop at all, and there is only one render call between loading the music and then making the game loop, and I am thinking it has to be that fps counter... also, if you hit +/- do you hear sound, because maybe it isn't displaying it?

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