Re: Videogame Layer 1.3 - hotrodx (0 replies, 609 views) (2004-May-23)
Thanks. My emphasis has always been on simplicity, and I really want to offer VGL as an alternative to using VB's intrinsic controls for games. There's always a tradeoff between ease of use and flexibility. DirectX, at it's rawest, is probably the most flexible option, although I bet anyone who plans to use DirectX will probably end up creating his own wrapper. And that's all there is to it. If you can make your own wrapper, then do it. However, if time development is an issue, you can always use wrappers, and there's a lot of them out there aside from VGL. There's Vampire's Universal Hunter. There's Dabooda's Engine (wotta name). There's the DXEngine. Invite people to use DirectX wrappers instead of VB controls (although using BitBlt is ok). Thanks again!

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