Re: A 3D Program - Straight 3d, no DirectX - 2dcoder (0 replies, 511 views) (2004-Jun-6)
"See.. this just proves highschool doesnt teach you jack that you cant teach yourself.. I mean, most of us here are self taught programmers... right?" Wrong. You need some serious programming skills and math skills if you're going to compete for a good job in today's programming field. Self taught can only take you so far. Luckily, today's young adults can choose variety of colleges that offer computer programming. I graduated from Devry a long time ago when they first offered computer courses. Back then it was common for the students to know more than the teachers, not anymore. Don't fool yourself, there is alot of BRAINIACS coming over from other countries into the USA taking our tech jobs away from us. (No offense to anyone, more power to them! If they have the skill, hire em!!) As far as game, multimedia coding goes, you can NEVER learn enough math.

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