Re: A 3D Program - Straight 3d, no DirectX - Dan (0 replies, 557 views) (2004-Jun-9)
OT: "I agree you need to enjoy math to program... " And I disagree that you need to enjoy maths, you simply need to understand the maths ;p "See.. this just proves highschool doesnt teach you jack that you cant teach yourself.. I mean, most of us here are self taught programmers... right?" If you have the self drive and motiviation then there is no reason why you couldn't pick things up as quickly as a student on a course. The benefit of doing a structured course though is that it gives you a good bassis to explore other avenues of programming. "You need some serious programming skills and math skills if you're going to compete for a good job in today's programming field. Self taught can only take you so far." I would disagree, Although I've had a structured programming education I've learnt more useful day to day stuff through self study. I know plenty of self taught programmers in employment, some of them good others less so. It seems the crapper they are the higher up the chain of command they climb. Bottom line in my opinion is self motivation.

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