Re: DaBooda Turbo 2DEngine v1.3 Demo - anonymous (0 replies, 0 views) (2004-Jun-14)
there should be licensing information about that engine on your homepage to make clear what one is allowed to do and what not. on your homepage you state that it is 100 % freeware, which imo means you can do what you like with the code. but in the very same sentence you make clear that one needs the agreement of every contributor to make a commercial game with your engine. right now that would be 6 persons! that's totally inacceptable. don't get me wrong. my current game is in VB and 2D, but it's allready >= 90% finished. it doesn't use your engine nor do i plan to. but you should consider placing your engine under free software license like the GPL to make things easier for users of your engine. (however GPL may scare some people away...)

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