Re: DaBooda Turbo 2DEngine v1.3 Demo - masterbooda (0 replies, 562 views) (2004-Jun-14)
At the fear of having to constantly defend myself on the permission aspect of this engine. I have removed the ask permission policy, and the engine is 100% license and permission free. You can use this engine for any commercial reasons without recieving permission from any author now, or in the future. You can print out every page of code, cover your body in maple syrup, paste the pages to you, and run through the streets yelling, "I'm a demented mummy!! Give me some candy!!"... It is completely up to you. But I ask only one thing, that you give some sort of credit to the engine, for this is only the ethical thing to do. And I Repeat, Permission is not needed nor is money... this is 100%Freeware... have fun. DaBooda out... p.s. For GPL, could you leave a link for it, or give some info on it, I have never heard of it, and I couldn't find it in Google. I am curious about it, as well as every 2D engine.

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