Re: DaBooda Turbo 2DEngine v1.3 Demo - anonymous (0 replies, 0 views) (2004-Jun-14)
it's nice to see you turn your engine into a real free piece of software, but you should really invest some time to write up all permissions and restrictions that apply to your engine. the way you have it right now allows me or any other individual to take your code and redistribute it as their work! that's clearly not what you want. here's a list of free software licenses you might want to check (including the GPL): to make a long story short... the gpl makes your project open-source and allow everyone to use it freely as they see fit. however they are forced to release all software based on your software (e.g. a modified versions of the engine or games using the engine) under the terms of the very same license, which means all work derived from your work will be open source. that's why it may scare away some people...

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