Re: DaBooda Turbo 2DEngine v1.3 Demo - masterbooda (0 replies, 598 views) (2004-Jun-14)
I am going to skip the licensing thing for the simple fact that I feel it will make people wary of the engine. And I want people to feel they can use this for any reason, hence getting rid of the silly permission thing, I was trying to promote more freeware. But the simple fact is, people should do what they wish with the code, and the contributors list is getting longer, and people know when they contribute, what the rules are. Call me naive, and I am, but I feel the majority of the vb community is honest. When I code something using someone elses code, I give them credit for it, as it should be. And if anybody feels the need to copy the source code and call it their own, a licensing agreement isn't really going to prevent that, or I will not be able to enforce it. For example music is licensed and copyrighted but how many people you know have .mp3 collections on their computer. Bootlegged Window's, games, etc.... More than likely people will copy the source and call it their own, but that is a chance I am willing to take, for I know that the original was developed by me, and that is what matters. I put many hours into this engine, and many more to come, and asking for a little credit for the engine isn't really a requirement, for it does not need to be done, just more or less a favor. It to me seems ethical, but I might be the only one to feel this way. DaBooda out...

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