Re: Meteor Impact completed - Sr. Guapo (0 replies, 719 views) (2004-Jun-17)
It wasn't MY computer, it was my mom's laptop... It isn't THAT great, 64 MB GeForce go5200... The monitor on my archaic piece of junk can go up to 1600x1200, though I don't like it. The icons are tiny! I think I can also go higher (2048x1536!), but it would only render the first 1600x1200 pixels. I assume that is a discrepancy between the monitor and graphics card... I forgot to mention, I don't know if it was a glitch, but after 30 seconds it started to blow stuff up just by dragging the cursor over it, instead of clicking. I though it was a special item or something, but it lasted a couple of minutes until I got the error. It may have something to do with the touchpad, but I don't know...

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