Re: Meteor Impact completed - Sion (0 replies, 652 views) (2004-Jun-18)
Hey all, and thank you very much for your (fortunatly mostly positive) comments! Prehabs I should provide you with a bit of background of the game. It was originally created as a simple test of what could be made with Paul Berlins PGE engine. Lol, even the source code directory is still named "Test" ;) The first thing I made was a menu, which - of cause - was a stupid idea because then I had to add some functionallity to the menus and make a game of it. Then I thought of making a game for my littlesisters 8th year birthday where some balls were shot into the air and had to be clicked to explode in a colorful fireworks display. This would be simple, and would combine mouse accuacy with something for children (fireworks!). But somehow the idea escalated into a more complex game where meteors should be destroyed instead. Therefore also the percentage number you see when you click a meteor - it is a calculation of how close to the meteor's center you've clicked. The closer the more damage is delt. If closer than 95% to the center, then a blast wave is released destroying nearby meteors. The game or the framerate is not optimized in any way, so the game has very high specifications. I've estimated the minimum requirements to a 1Ghz CPU and at least 16MB on the gfx card. The game runs a smooth 150-700 FPS on my 2500+ Mhz Barthon XP with a Radeon 9500 Pro however :P To those of you having problems: I have no idea what caused them, or how to fix them so you'll have to bear with them. Some for the essay - guess I'm still not sober from last nights graduation-party. /Anders Nissen

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