Re: Loradon 2.0 released! - sdw (0 replies, 648 views) (2004-Jun-29)
Ok, I got around to trying the game out and first thing I did was try a bad login, and got runtime error '5': invalid procedure call or argument. My next complaint is that the game runs in window mode, however it's not possible to move the window and the mouse disappears past certain points on the screen, very annoying when running other programs in the background. Thirdly the scrolling is very choppy, and also player movements are choppy, and look to be that they're moving tile by tile (ie. 32px at a time). There is also not a lot of information about the game either, like a main objective (though maybe MMORPG dont have them) or leveling or skills or ways to get stronger. From what I've seen it's just like the last release of Loradon only online now. Seems to still need a lot of work. Keep it up :)

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