Re: Videogame Layer 1.3 - test (0 replies, 572 views) (2004-Nov-29)
Hello Hotrodx, I had been using VGL 1.3 in WinME and VB6 with success. It is so easy to learn that my 10 year old son was able to pick it up and did some simple game development in a couple of weeks. Thanks. I then purchased him an HP laptop with WinXP SP2 on it and tried to port the VGL developed games into the new environment. Most of the games run without mofidication. However, there were an error that keep poping up every once in a while during the game: Run-time error 80004005 automation error unspecified error This error occured both in games developed by my son and sample game (e.g. starforce) downloaded from your site. In addition, I was no longer able to click on the run button within the VB6 development environment to execute the game within VB6 for debugging. Doing so will cause the VB IDE to crash and the famous XP send/dont send to microsoft pop up box showed up. msvcrt.dll seemed to be involved in the crashed. I had to use the make command in VB to create the exe file and run that file to test the game in the laptop WinXP SP2 environment. Any clue on how I can get around these errors ? Any help is appreciated. Regards, Tester

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