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DaBooda, a man of mystery.
He spends most of his time in hiding; plotting, scheming and creating gaming technologies of such a unique character that most people canít comprehend it. He rarely surfaces from the laboratories in his underground lair. But when he does it signals the unveiling of great things.
The first outposts to observe him out of his secret lair ignites the signal fire to alert the other outposts. One by one the outposts light their fires, and people peep out of their huts to see what all the commotion is about. When they realise what has happened the villages are gripped with euphoria and the villagers rush out on the savannah to meet up at the ritual meeting point.
They know that this mystical person will bring with him strange and wonderful creations. They have witnessed this before. But this time he has brought something beyond their imagination.
I rarely use words this big, but this game is really truly amazingly brilliant!
I havenít played Lolo, but this is a fantastic puzzle game with great tactical elements, and outstanding level design (although I guess youíve borrowed the designs from the original game)!
I played straight through the first 1/3 of the time, and only stopped because I had to get something to eat. Iíve already convinced my little sister to install it on her computer (it would also be a great learning experience in thinking logically Ė sheís only 9).

Great stuff, DaBooda Ė glad that you managed to get the game done. And done this extremely well! The best Visual Basic game in ages! Image
Thank you!
(Ps. Sorry for the overly dramatic intro, I got a bit caught in the moment Image) )

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