Re: Adventures of Lolo - 2dcoder (0 replies, 812 views) (2005-Apr-26)
:( Dissapointed. Runs in a very low res (320x240??) and therefore is uncompatible with my main pc. I had to run it on an older pc to make it work. Yah, I've never played Lolo so I was expecting alot more by the hype. Dont get me wrong, it's a cute simple game but probably would be better suited for a VB/GDI Windowed app with source example than hyping it up as a "sizzling, revamped, 32bit, etc,etc" game. Now with that out of the way, if this is the software console thing you were working on then I am TRULY impressed with the render engine and I can't wait to have a go with it! I would love to have access to a retro engine that does all the rotation, alpha, etc, via software.

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