Re: Adventures of Lolo - masterbooda (0 replies, 784 views) (2005-Apr-26)
I will admit 2dcoder, this game only uses about fifth of DaBooda's capability.  But that is the point, its an old console type game, so I kept that element.  I could have made it bigger, badder, more lights and glory, but I feel I would have ruined it.  Now my next project, yes, it will hopefully sizzle your yes, you are getting a look at what console is going to behave and view like.  Console came to me, while creating this game
With that said, thanks sion, for that response, I am glad you like the game that much.  If you finish it and realize what pocky is, don't tell scorpion, he needs to finish the game to find out...oh and yes the idea wasn't mine, that was the great minds of HAL, I just brought the game to the pc(and made it a little
DaBooda out...
P.S.  I hope you at least enjoy the game 2dcoder, lol, and the source will be released here soon.  I just want the game to circulate a little bit.   

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