Re: Adventures of Lolo - 2dcoder (1 reply, 794 views) (2005-May-3)
Not trying to hijack this thread too much, sorry, should have probably posted in the forum. ;) It's the same reason you don't see popular music sites allowing cover bands to post their covers of other artist's music. If you think I'm wrong, take the time to upload your game (as is) to and see if it gets approved. I'd be shocked if they allowed the game to be downloaded from their site. Looking over this thread, it's kind of ammusing we're talking about a what, 20 year old game? But still it's important for other coders to understand.

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Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2005-May-4)
This isn't the same as music.  For music the use of the lyrics is an infringement of copyright.  If you write your own lyrics then everything is OK.  Same for the actual music, if you write your own music then you can't be sued for it.  Just replace the word "lyrics" with the words "source code."  If you write your own code then you've created an original body of work.  This is how Linux was created.  It's a clone of Unix, but the source code for the programs were written by someone else.  It's really a technicality of what's "written" (lyrics, sheet music, source code) as opposed to what it does (a song, a program).

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