Re: The Save VB Petition! - Machaira (0 replies, 668 views) (2005-May-5)
I used VB3-6 for years and I'm now using VS.NET exclusively, even with unmanaged C++ projects. While I agree with people in that they shouldn't have to upgrade their apps to VB.NET there's nothing forcing them to do so. They can continue to develop applications with VB6 if that's what they want to do. You can't expect MS to support old technology indefinitely however. It's not cost effective. This argument comes out every time a new version is released. I remember it well in the transition from VB3 to VB4 and when VB6 was released.
The one thing I agree with would be MS making it open-source to allow people to fix or add to it. I don't expect MS to tie themselves to it forever.

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