Re: Adventures of Lolo - masterbooda (0 replies, 633 views) (2005-May-8)
Well, I step away for a week and good lord.  I apologize for remaking a game, as should all those pong remakers out there, lol.  Its a game, its old, its no longer on the market.  Now you can go online and buy a brand new copy of this game, and I encourage this, the original plays a hell of alot better than my version.  But what I mean by not on the market, is it isn't manufactured anymore.  Not to mention, I am making no profit off of this, none, nada, zip.....
Now is the real issue here; Is making a remake legal or how dare you do something unoriginal.  Because making a game is hard, it takes time and work(not to mention a clue).  I have none of these, so remakes to me are fun, and to see if I can do it is funner.  Most vb programmers are one person teams, maybe two.  And if they are artists, graphically and musically, great for them.  But most aren't, so making a game is rather tricky from scratch, not to mention, there aren't many original ideas left, in the 2d realm.  Most games even if original, pertain elements from many if I made a remake, sorry, but I will keep doing so, because I am doing this for fun.
Now is it wrong, probably.  I know that it is wrong, but it would be more wrong to do the whole game, and then claim all credit; I claimed none.  Except maybe the remaking of, for that is a product that I made.  In totalality, this argument is mute, for it serves no purpose, except maybe a warning for those wishing to make profit, you make profit, better be original.  Now who can sue me, only HAL can, Nintendo cannot, because I remade nothing of theirs.  Is HAL still in business, I don't know, probably not.  But I believe they aren't going to make a fuss over this.
If my remaking of this game becomes a legal issue, then watch out hotrodx for that mario remake(which rocked), lol.  Not to mention all those stupid midi reproductions out there, or pong(guilty), or etc... Now what can I do to make this right, or should I just keep making games, because most people enjoyed this, so I will keep trucking along...
DaBooda out... 
P.S. The graphics where done by hand, anyone who has played the original will know this, done with PSP.  The music was done by hand, thankfully NES Music is easy(only 4 music tracks), and the music in that game was especially simple loops, so therefore easy to do by ear, even for this music illiterate.  I created it in Mod Tracker, converted it to wav, then to mp3.  The sound, I will admit to ripping a little bit, called a mic, tv, nes, and sound forge for clean up(that was a pain).  Code, was me, all the way.  Had to be that way, can't read binary, lol.  The help file, me, I worded it myself, prolly sounds alot like the original because its based off the same game.  If HAL wishes to sue me, oh well, can't take money from someone without any.  And if that happens, isn't that really on me, so should it really concern anyone else??  Play the game, hate it, like it, love it...its that simple...I will continue to make remakes, I will make them even better, thats the point...peace out.

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