Re: Adventures of Lolo - 2dcoder (0 replies, 631 views) (2005-May-8)
Dude... nice read and all but not the point. The only point I was trying to make (and others who do not know will debate this until their blue in the face) is, in your "Legal Stuff" you state (on the first line!!) "First off, this game is 100% legal." Where in reality it should be saying "First off, this is an un licensed, 100% not legal remake." That would have made sense and this conversation would not be happening. Hey if you want to code remakes that's cool, 1000's do, but they never advertise the remake as being legal, that's just bs. Perhaps you're not concerned with being sued but software sites, forums, etc, (that have alot more to risk) that think it's ok to link to your game or host the download because they READ it's 100% legal in your doc, are putting themselves at risk for your mistake in your doc file.

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