Re: Adventures of Lolo - masterbooda (0 replies, 625 views) (2005-May-9)
I will no longer be posting in this thread or any thread, for the arguments in here, just get more and more lower.  I really don't know what kind of issues you have 2d coder, but honestly, I did research, and yes it is legal.  I kicked myself for second guessing myself to begin with.  You obviously have too much time on your hands, and I believe you have alot to offer this community, but all I see is complaints and reasons for hating this or that.  Please redirect this infinite energy, and actually do some programming or write a tutorial.  I love negative feedback, but when that is all you see from one person who hasn't shown any work, or at least here, it begins to wear thin.
As for this website, this game is legal...nothing was exactly duplicated...exact is the operative word is fully legal, again, I repeat, it is fully legal.  You seem to be the only person with this problem. Eric wouldn't have posted the link if he thought anything was hinky with this program, honestly, do you think Eric is stupid?? Of course not, do you think I am stupid, well I am, but I researched, and the law only adheres to the code....see that...code... I will happily submit this to HAL tonight, today, right now, and guess what, nothing will happen!! Good God man, find a life, program something, I don't care.
This is my last post in here, so if Eric will please remove this thread, any other thread with my name on it, remove me, I don't care, remove the game....remove it all...please..
Peace out...
P.S. I do hope you find some kind of peace 2dcoder, start actually contributing instead of tearing down what you didn't build.  Criticism is great, but what you do goes beyond that, trust me, I'm not the only one who feels this way, hell this is supposed to be fun, I am not making money at this, I can see it, if I stole your money, but all I took was your time, thats your problem not mine....good luck and good bye...and to the vb enthusiasts...sorry but enough is enough....

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