Re: Adventures of Lolo - 2dcoder (0 replies, 629 views) (2005-May-9)
No actually it is I who should be gone. You have contributed alot to VBGamer, the community here, I have not. I tell it like it is and that is not working obviously, especially if it makes you think you are not welcome at So if Eric should do anything, it's erase all of my comments in the news and the forum and let things stay as they have been.
I sincerly apologize to Masterbooda for making him feel this way. However, what I have posted regarding his "Legal Lolo" is the truth, hopefully such a talented coder as Masterbooda will do some more research or talk to a software lawyer to find out.
I will not post in the forum or this news area ever again. Masterbooda, please do not stop contributing to VBGamer on my account. It's not worth it.
Im gone.

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