Re: Adventures of Lolo - masterbooda (0 replies, 675 views) (2005-May-12)
Dear VBGamer,
Sorry about that, was a little frazzled the other night.  I am going to push forward from here on out, and keep making games, legal or not.  I just won't even mention the game being made or anything, to keep this legal talk away.
As for POL's question, I am poor, and only own vb5.  And in all honesty, vb5 does everything I need it to do.  I created DBTurbo in vb5, but the cool thing is, dbturbo can be used in .net.  So why leave a program, that works for you?  It's like I see all these people jump onto the dx9 bandwagon, when what is funny even some of your newer commercial games still use dx7.  DX9 is not a good jump for me, because I have yet to exploit dx8 or dx7.  The same goes with vb5, but I might go to vb6 for some more compiling options.  But for .net, hell no, not even in the mood for
DaBooda out...

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