Re: Adventures of Lolo - masterbooda (0 replies, 710 views) (2005-May-21)
Believe it or not, lolo could have been done about 3 months ago.  What is the secret put it to the side, work on something else, and when the interest comes back, work on it.  I have about 50 unfinished projects on my machine, one of those is nothing but a blank form, pretty sad, right :).  If there is a secret, I wish someone would tell me too...The problem is, I pushed myself to finish lolo so hard, that I still haven't played it since releasing it, thank god to my bro for giving up his time to test frankly staring at that little blue dude another moment would send me to the mental hospital... My next few projects are going to be completely original, I don't want that to happen again... Sorry to ramble and still have no answer for you, I guess the answer is, you are like the rest of us coders, we like the thrill of uncharted waters, once something is conquered, time to find that next quest...

Peace out...

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