Re: DXGame Engine Demos #1 - dxgame (0 replies, 729 views) (2005-May-25)
Thanks Eric, Sion for the comments. :) This project has definitely been a labor of love for those involved. I also have to publicly thank the forum users at our site who have contributed their ideas and comments. It's amazing how far the engine has grown the past month alone. The initial goal was to just create a tool that would allow rapid 2D game design in a high level environment, but now we have users who are taking the engine to an entirely new level by combining  3D and 2D rendering.
"... and keep us posted on progress (and full, completed games *hint hint* Image ) "
A few developers using the engine have allowed me to see some of their works in progress (behind closed doors) and I'm just blown away by what I've seen. (Kinda puts my Tetris and shoot-em-up projects to shame, but those are so fun to code! LOL.)

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