Re: VBMahjongg Beta8 and Source Code Release - Boingo (1 reply, 0 views) (2005-Oct-18)
Michael J. Hardy is not the original author either.

The original game is called Kyodai Mahjongg, and was written by René-Gilles Deberdt.

Michael J. Hardy is known to have taken several programs from around the internet, made exceedingly minor changes, then released them as his own work for money.    Visit for more information.  Michael J. Hardy is a rippoff artist.  Please report him to the Software Piracy Association at : 1-888-838-7478.

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Re: VBMahjongg Beta8 and Source Code Release - Michael J. Hardy (0 replies) (2005-Oct-24)
As you all must know, Kyodai Mahjongg was Written in C/C++ Using DirectX, VBMahjpongg was created using Visual Basic 6.0 without directx. I am NOT a Software pirate or hacker, I agree on some of my projects i use gnu portions but i recently found out the true understanding of the GNU License and have removed the offending pages and sites... I REPEAT I AM NO HACKER MY ONLY RELEASED PROGRAM IS A FREE OPEN SOURCE WEB BROWSER CALLED INTERNET SPIRIT!

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