Re: Super Mario Bros 3000 is ready to go! - Jeremy Burns (0 replies, 1076 views) (2006-Feb-28)
Thanks so much everyone I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it.  Thanks also for the criticisms, I want to make this game as enjoyable as possible for everyone. 

the Logitech Dual Action gamepad is the pad I actually use while debugging the game, I love itImage.  Yes, this entire thing from the ground up was built using Visual Basic 6.0 with direct X 7 and a bit of 8 for the rotating objects.  I will eventually fix the problem with Alt-Tabbing, it's mainly just my lazy coding style.

Walrus, I was planning on changing all of the sprites to the same resolution as the Goombas and items.  They were all originally low-res but I started slowly retracing them in my spare time.  Now some of them are high-res and some are not.  This currently is not a priority as I am working on more levels, coding bosses and new enemies, and debugging small problems I run accross.  Since I am hearing this game is decently hard from most people, I will be adding a mid-point save feature to the levels.  Thanks for the idea!Image

dxgame, the reason I made this game was to give it away to everyone to enjoy and mod to it's fullest extent.  Despite the zillions of hours I put in to making it I honestly couldn't care less what people do with it short of slap their name on it and pass it off as there own.  I want as many people as possible to be able to play it therefor it will always be freeware and I will be posting mods on my site once people learn the ways of the editor.  I'm glad to hear it would be a moneymaker though Image.

The refining of the graphics is actually quite a large project considering the level ground tiles are also low-resolution.  If anyone feels like frittering away hours drawing meaningless graphics for someone elses project at no pay, please contact me. Image

There will be another update with a couple new levels and the layout for the actual first world by March 2nd.  Also I have decided to make NINE worlds because I always wanted to play a Mario game with nine worldsImage.  The worlds will be as follows in this order:

Grassy Grove
Fungi Forest
Deceptive Desert
Glistening Glacier
Muddled Mudlands
Soaring Clouds
Pipe Quandry
Voracious Volcano

There will be 7 to 12 levels per world and always a castle or two.  Until the next update, enjoy yourselves.  By the way, make sure you try the 'Races' mod if you have skill and haven't already.  All of them are passable!

Peace, Jeremy

PS If anyone has boss ideas for the worlds or for the final bowser, please post them, I'm dry.  Also if anyone wants to contribute a world map for one of the worlds please do Image  I am no artist as you can tell by my tracing of a corner of the Commander Keen Dreams map screen with Flash.

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