X-Hex, available soon - CodeMonger (2 replies, 0 views) (2002-Dec-29)
I would like to introduce a new game that will be available soon. Written 100% in VB and DirectX. The website is not fully launched yet, and the game not released yet, in the next week. But in the meantime have a look while things progress, and as soon as a demo is available I will let everyone know. I would hope to get a lot of support/testers/feedback from the VB community.

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Re: X-Hex, available soon -  Brykovian (0 replies) (2002-Dec-29)
Can't wait to learn more about this one ... looks like my kinda game! ;-) -Bryk (from
Re: X-Hex, available soon -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2002-Dec-30)
Yeah, this does look interesting :-)

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