Re: DoveZ for sale - dxgame (2 replies, 1835 views) (2006-Mar-10)
Fans of VB6 coding and arcade shooters need to download this thing. This is the real deal. I have to admit this is the best 2D shooter I've seen on any platform in a long time. Throw in the fact that it was written in VB6 is just awesome. If you are a fan of classic 2D shooters like RType, etc, then download the demo, you won't regret it. Very impressive!
Ratings: (out of 5 stars)
Graphics: ****
GamePlay: *****
Sound: ***
Music: ****
Programming: *****
This is what you can accomplish with 1-2 (3?) years of hard work on a project. I also like the fact that the price is right. About $12.00 USD. Sometimes you have to tip your hat, and in this case, my hat is very mich tipped. ;)

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Re: DoveZ for sale -  Eric Coleman (1 reply) (2006-Mar-11)
It looks nice, but I seem to have problems downloading it. My connection times out.
Re: DoveZ for sale - Kauto (0 replies) (2006-Mar-13)

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