Re: Super Mario Bros 3000 is ready to go! - Jeremy Burns (1 reply, 1042 views) (2006-Mar-11)
I'm likely reverting to a full screen menu soon but ill fix the window for the next update, thanks for pointing that out.  If you want to figure out how to kill the boss on your own then don't read the rest of this post.  Every once and a while he spits a black thing that slides around.  It actually acts like a shell, you have to stomp on it then throw it up at the boss.  To throw up, just hold up when you release the run/carry button.  You have to hit him four times and each time, the rate of him spitting goombas increases a little.  When he dies, you can then reach the exit door.  I will add code to disable the time limit in any area which contains a boss for the next update.  Since I own the boss every time having designed him Image, it never really occured to me that time running out would get annoying.  Thanks for the heads up Eric!

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I thought that might be the way to kill him, but by the time he spits one out I get killed because there are a million goombas on the screen comming at me.  Anyone else have problems killing this first boss?

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