Re: Super Mario Bros 3000 is ready to go! - Athiril (0 replies, 984 views) (2006-Apr-12)

Looking at the screenshots, and that is really sick (good), every person who played Super Mario Bros 3's dream, so many different power ups and abilities and what not.
Translucent particle effects would be nice, you could also implement a 2xSai filter like Snes9x does ^_^ (look in the Snes9x source code for the code and logic of it).
I can give you FTP access to a folder on my domain for you to mirror the download on my domain if you would like, and a free phpBB forum/message board.
Ever need help porting any of it to C++/SDL for multiplatform let me know, or if you'd like C++ built DLLs for use in Visual Basic for special graphical effects etc like those I mentioned too ^_^.
Oh, with some UI prettying up, and of course, a new set of sprites so you dont infringe on copyright issues, I'd say this would definately be a seller ;)

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