Re: Help Wanted for Interactive Graphical MUD - J-Rac (0 replies, 1078 views) (2002-Aug-14)
Sounds interesting... I have only done a few multiplayer apps, both P2P and C/S models. I have recently been reading, studying and playing with some advanced multiplayer coding tricks. I think I am good in the area's of multiplayer and AI code. I can do almost anything as far as 2D graphics and sound. Alpha blending, multi-layering, collision detection, etc... as for sound I can play WAV's, MP3's, etc... I have 2 friends who might also be interested, one of them is an incredible artist, and the other is an incredible musician (he has about every music editing program ever made, and he does it all from scratch(doesn't use pre-made loops) I would like to know some more information on this game, do you have a rough design doc?

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