Re: Fetish Fighters Alpha 0.2 now available - brzgames (0 replies, 696 views) (2002-Oct-7)
Everything in the game is based off of a time interval. The FPS are not limited in anyway. I get over 100 FPS on my machine at home (1700 XP), that would be WAY too fast if I didn't have everything keyed off of intervals. Actions, effects, etc are given an interval in MS for each frame of the animation to perform, thus it should not be faster on one machine than another. Even the menus are on an interval of 100 MS (have to remain on the existing menu item for at least 100 MS before going to the next item.) So I don't see how the computer could be too fast. I suspect it's something else making the menu's flash. What are your system specs? And has anyone else had a problem with flashing text?

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