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8/24/2004 | Posted by: Gregory English

There is no definite function for it anywhere, I myself have yet to find a nice and simple solution to this myself. All of the number constants have text in the constant name so you just can't change it to a string for simple use.

The best thing I have come up with is the old hack and slash way of comparing the 26 letters of the alphabit and the 20 number keys(the top row, and the numpad) in that way.

I was tackling this while writing the tutorial but couldn't think of a good way to do it so I didn't even include it.

8/24/2004 | Posted by: Vodzurk

Thats cool,

But is there a way to check if an alphanumeric key has been pressed, instead of...

If TheKey = Key.Escape Then DoFoo

Any ideas?

10/23/2004 | Posted by: James

Its quite simple:
If TheKey = Key.D1 Then DoFoo

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