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9/24/2004 | Posted by: Sion

Nice recap of the history of Visual Basic, there is a lot of things that I didn't know.

I wonder where Visual Basic will be in 40 years. I'll probably still be using it at that time, and telling my kids about back in the ol' day when I had to write software in the acient Visual Basic 5 and 6, and they'll marvel in disbelief :)

I like the "Best All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code."-definition, altough it sounds a bit self-satisfied. How about leaving out the four words in the middle? :P

11/5/2004 | Posted by: maxhamner

Microsoft even released a card in the late 80s for the apple II+ and //e. This card was effectively an 8086 'co-processor' and along with the card came a special version of MS-Basic that ran using the card. This version of BASIC had more advanced features than the Applesoft Basic built into the computer, but if you wrote code for it only a few 1000 machines on the planet could even run it (i.e. it was people to develope self-solutions for engineering and business).

And people thought microsoft only got into hardware recently...

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