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6/9/2005 | Posted by: autoaim

Basicly when the mouse moves just set the Xstart and Ystart variables to the mouse position like so:

Private Sub Form_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Xstart = X
Ystart = Y
End Sub

The Xstart and Ystart is what holds the particles starting postion; So when ever a particle dies; it respawns to that position on the form.

5/4/2005 | Posted by: Anonymous

I want the particles to drop the same way it does from the middle, but I want it to follow the mouse... I have tryed multiple things even getting help from a Programming teacher... I just can't do it.

4/22/2005 | Posted by: Krisc

Very nice tutorial, thanks you!

4/22/2005 | Posted by: autoaim

What effect are you trying to get with the mouse?

3/17/2005 | Posted by: Anonymous

If you could, do you think you could help me? I'm trying to add the mouse in to the particle. It moves to it but it won't follow it... so a little help if you could.

12/15/2005 | Posted by: escudo825

I don't see any downloadable source. no offense but I have trouble learning concepts if I don't have something stable to tinker with.

12/14/2004 | Posted by: VBStrider

Excellent tutorial :) Really helped me out.


11/17/2005 | Posted by: EarthQuake

Wow, such a simple yet complex engine. Thanks for the tutorial.

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