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6/6/2006 | Posted by: Derek

When I paste in: Private Dev As Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.Device = Nothing I get an error saying that device is ambiguous in the namespace 'Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D'.

Any idea what is going wrong? I have the April 2006 SDK.


6/30/2005 | Posted by: JustMe84

Good one, thanks alot

6/3/2004 | Posted by: Lachlan87

This tutorial is for DirectX 9. You need to download the managed directX 9 runtimes from Microsofts site.

5/6/2006 | Posted by: bucketofsquid

I'm trying this tutorial but I'm using the April 2006 directX. In just that tiny piece of code there have been 3 errors because DirectX had undocumented changes.

My project is called DXScreenClear
The latest error I get is:
on this line;
Dev = New Device(0, DeviceType.Hardware, Me, CreateFlags.SoftwareVertexProcessing, pParams)
Me generates this error;
value of type DXScreenClear.form1 cannot be converted to system.IntPtr.

How do I fix this?

5/3/2005 | Posted by: dazedProg

my only stumble was in this excerpt... <br>Try...
Catch e as DirectXException...
End Try<br>
DirectXException as not found -- i had to replace with Exception. Can anyone tell me why -- I am assuming it was my mistake somewhere.

5/12/2004 | Posted by: NeoSpud

I also had a problem with the directx.dll and directx3d.dll files. all i have are dx7 and dx8 under COM... any suggestions?

4/6/2006 | Posted by: º£ÄÏ

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4/28/2006 | Posted by: ÈýÑÇÂÃÓÎ

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4/16/2004 | Posted by: AltafurRahman

From i can download directx.dll and directx3d.dll file please guide me

3/9/2005 | Posted by: Joel

Thanks heaps :)

12/7/2003 | Posted by: jay1_z

I didn't set any extra parameters because I wanted to make this tutorial as basic as possible. When I was new to DirectX I read articles and tutorials that did a number of useless stuff and never explained why. I wanted to concentrate on getting this to work first and then I'll go on to the more involved topics. Thx for the feedback guys!

12/7/2003 | Posted by: Hog


Nice tutorial, I hope to see more of the same for VB and DX9 :-)

One question tho, I see you do not set the Presentation Parameter objects BackBufferFormat?

Can u explain why?



11/30/2004 | Posted by: Faith

Just to say, that the smallish tutorial is very easy to understand but there is one slight wrong piece of info... In the end when you say "All you have to do is set the objects that you want to get rid of to &#8220;Nothing&#8221;.", this is quite not how it is, because if you set an object to nothing before calling it's possible Dispose, (Or setting it to "" or something) you are just setting the reference to the memory to nothing, not the stuff in memory... Way to go however!

11/25/2003 | Posted by: Labis Emman

Very good. Keep on writing such excellent tutorials for VB.Net and directX

10/25/2004 | Posted by: Adrian B

This has cleared up a lot of confusion! Thanks for your help!

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