How to pass multiplayer data though winsock? YellowSheep (9 replies, 0 views) (2001-Jun-27)
Well I need a way to pass some arrys though winsock, at the moment i assemle them and split them like that mystr = mystr & chr(127) & bla bla bla and then arry.bla = split(mystr,chr(127))(I) thats horribly slow as may guess... can someone give me a hint on how to do this in a more professioal way? with copymemory or how to get winsock to send the arry itself? the way need to be quicker then the one abouth, because of i make an astroides clone in 3d with opengl the data sending should be fast to fight the lag... I think to kill the lag i need to send a packet every 200 ms and with my small predictiontrick I'll get it managed :) ps: for those of you that cant believe opengl as fast, on my P3 450 with an voodoo 3000 it runs at 70 FPS with 3 players and some bullets on my AMD 1200 w/ geforce 2 gts it runs at 300 fps without frame blocker *g*, the game is not only simple trinagles or so its a MD2 ship and a shitty skin, the bullets are cylinders(small yellow ones *g*) and then there are 2 grids for orientation witch will be left out @ the relase and be replaced by some kind of asteriod in the middel of the map or a small dot starfield in the middle dont know yet :) the only prob is the network speed sometimes and the way i do it because of its truely hard to make it logical correct and the splitroutine is quite slow so my app rans out of threats sometimes and overruns the splitfunction... this sucks !

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Re: How to pass multiplayer data though winsock? Mattman (8 replies) (2001-Jun-27)
I dont want to use split, i want to use arrys like YellowSheep (7 replies) (2001-Jun-28)
Now it looks like you're writing to a file... Mattman (6 replies) (2001-Jun-28)
Hm ok ill explain! YellowSheep (5 replies) (2001-Jun-28)
Maybe W-Buffer (1 reply) (2001-Jun-28)
wont work for me... YellowSheep (0 replies) (2001-Jun-29)
Doesn't use Split... Mattman (2 replies) (2001-Jun-29)
hm got an idea why.../solution?! YellowSheep (1 reply) (2001-Jun-29)
Ummmm W-Buffer (0 replies) (2001-Jul-5)

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