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thank you for asking if they like our games. I suppose you did, or you wouldn't know. >(sigh) Good point, I suppose. Though many were skeptical once >they found out my main development platform was VB, which as >one customer of mine put it "is the home of the 4 year beta in >the corner of their mom's basement with no results except a >pretty (and frequently re-programmed) web page and an >incomplete, 3/4 functioning program, most of which tend to >resemble the arcade games of 10 years ago with 'kewl' DirectX >effects slapped on it." :) >I did not mean to insult your program, which (finally) does >look pretty good, and as for your earlier comment about being >able to finish it in a week if not for school, I also work for >a living as well (programmer for a local company). Sadly >though, it looks like my latest project, PathQuest, may follow >the long development road. PS: I dn't want to be offending/rude...but you're just giving critics on game that are far from completion >When they're "far from completion" for years, and all they're >doing is a simple space shooter or Breakout clone, it gets a >little annoying. The current VBGH editorial is so dead on, if >you sit and read it for a bit. Having said that, I still love >VB and enjoy using it more than any other language i've ever >used (including C++ and Pascal). Derek Stormcloud Creations

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