Re: Some l33t VB advice needed Rag on a Stick (1 reply, 1 views) (2001-Dec-18)
First up, try just recording a macro to do it. If this works, then you are in luck because modifying the macro will be really simple. My version of word can't convert stuff to pdfs, so I can't really try it, but if you can send me the macro which does the conversion, then I can convert it to do it to all the files in a directory. If you send me the code for doing the actual conversion, then I can write the rest of it for you (ie looking through the directory and finding the files to convert)... what other stuff (if that is one of the problems) are you having probs with? I can probably help for that too.

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Raggy ... Brykovian (0 replies) (2001-Dec-19)

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